PrivaCY Policy

Your personal data controller

BAD is a company that act as controller of your personal data. It meansthat the company determines the purposes and means of personal dataprocessing. BAD data protection officer can be contacted

Personal information we collect and use

BAD may collect your personal data that you provide to it, for example,when you contact BAD electronically or respond to an email from BAD.BAD may collect your business contact details when you exchangebusiness cards with BAD representatives at meetings and events, orwhen you provide your contacts to sign up for BAD events.

When submitting your request/inquiry on BAD websites, you may beasked for information such as, but not limited to, email address, phonenumber, company you work for or own and/or country where you resideor work.When contacting BAD through live chats on its websites, youmay be asked for information such as, but not limited to, your name andemail address. This is needed when we are not ready to answer youimmediately and need more time to handle your request.

When you give BAD your personal data in live chat, we assume that youconsent to processing it by BAD.By using cookies, BAD may collect details of your visits to its websites such as, but not limited to, the pagesyou visited, the date, time and duration of your visit and/or your IPaddress as well as the browser you use and its version, your operatingsystem and its version, your city and state.It is BAD policy to collect onlythe minimum information required to handle and complete your request/inquiry or to reach other purposes for which BAD processes yourpersonal data. If you believe BAD websites have collected excessiveinformation about you, please contact BAD through the request/inquiryform to raise your concerns.

BAD does not intend to collect sensitive information through its websites unless it is legally required to do so. Examples of sensitive information include race or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophicalbeliefs, trade union membership, physical or mental health, geneticdata, biometric data, sexual life or sexual orientation, and criminalrecords. BAD asks that you do not provide sensitive data of such naturewhen using its websites.When you submit your request/inquiry on BADwebsites, BAD uses your data on the basis of your consent. In othercases, when you voluntarily exchange business contact details withBAD, BAD sends you information or marketing communications on thebasis of its legitimate interests in maintaining a business relationshipwith you or companies you work for or represent and/or on the basis ofyour consent (when it is technically possible to collect your freely given,specific, informed and unambiguous consent). Cookies are used on thebasis of your consent and/or BAD legitimate interest described below

Purposes for which BAD uses your personal data

BAD may use your data to interact with you and/or respond to yourrequests/inquiries, to negotiate, perform or facilitate a contract with youor related to you, to send you invitations to events it organizes, to sharewith you information you might be interested in and/or to inform youabout its services. BAD may also use your personal data to comply withlaw, regulations, public authority requests or court orders.These are examples of purposes for which BAD may use personal data you provide to it.

BAD websites do not collect or compile personally identifyinginformation for sale to third parties for consumer marketing purposes.


Cookies are small text files that may be placed and stored on your computer/device allowing internet access when you visit BAD websites.

BAD uses cookies to collect your IP address and browsing information.BAD websites also remember your system and preferences. Cookiesare placed on your computer/device only if you consent to it, unlesscookies are necessary for strictly technical functionality of BADwebsites.In order to record and analyze how visitors use BAD websitesas well as to improve visitors’ experience, BAD collects details of yourvisits by using Google Analytics. Google Analytics places and usescookies that allow BAD to track website traffic and users’ interaction withBAD websites.BAD may use cookies to record your consents on itswebsites (e.g. the consent to the use of cookies).

BAD uses cookies on the basis of its legitimate interest in ensuring thetechnical functionality of its websites. When BAD uses cookies toremember your choices or for analytics, the legal basis for the use isyour consent. You can opt-out from analytics by disabling cookiesthrough your browser settings or by visiting you want to disable other cookies, you can learn howto do it by visiting note that if you disable or refuse cookies, BAD websites or theirparts may become inaccessible, not function properly or you may not beable to use some of the interactive features of BAD websites.